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Members operate under the highest standards of business practice after pledging to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry and make accurate representations about the products they sell. When you see the JVC logo and door decal, you can rely on our members’ promises to uphold the ethics and integrity of the jewelry industry through their business practices.

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JVC’s educational tools help you comply with all of many of the laws and regulations that apply to businesses in the jewelry industry. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, gold buyer or appraiser, we can help you understand your legal obligations. Our guides and toolkits make compliance easy, and keep the jewelry industry on a level playing field. With JVC’s help, you can be sure you are in compliance and avoid costly lawsuits and government action.

Understanding the FTC Guidelines

Free resource available for download!

Ask yourself: am I fairly representing my product in the marketplace?

Download our latest JVC book on Understanding the FTC Jewelry Guidelines to find out. This crucial tool explains:

  • The July 2018 revision of the FTC Jewelry Guides
  • Other important laws and regulations, including the FTC Green Guides, Made in USA Standard, and more in plain language
  • How to develop your manufacturing and marketing practices, with an emphasis on legal compliance
Understanding the FTC Guidelines


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Download our Latest Book on Understanding the FTC Guidelines