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JCK Talks: Navigating the Now

Russia sanctions and pressing concerns about sourcing diamonds have overtaken the jewelry legal conversation for the last few months, but the topic of jewelry law is expansive and continues to broaden.  Come hear jewelry law experts from the Jewelers Vigilance Committee Tiffany Stevens and Sara Yood discuss the most pressing...

JCK Las Vegas

JVC will be in attendance at JCK Las Vegas! Look out for our events on our calendar and on JCK's website.

Clean Jewelry: Tips for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

You may be familiar with the acronyms “AML” and “KYC”, but do you know what they stand for and how to comply with the laws and regulations they represent?  How can businesses ensure they are designing an AML program that appropriately follows the rules and protects their supply chain?  Sara...

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