This handbook is intended for the independent designer, and those who market their wares on websites such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Craig’s List, to name just a few. Keep reading for information on the following important topics:

  • Protecting yourself as a jeweler, whether retail or wholesale, by understanding some basic legal principles, such as the importance of contracts, receipts and company policies.
  • Applying standards and regulations that apply to advertising, regardless of the product.
  • Understanding the specific advertising standards that apply to jewelers, contained in the federal trade commission’s guides for the jewelry, precious metal and pewter industries and in the national gold and silver stamping act.
  • Advertising on the web: while advertising laws are the same whether products are sold in a brick and mortar store or on the web, there are special considerations for online sales. We make sure to mention these wherever relevant.
  • Implementing anti-money laws that apply to many jewelers. Read this section to find out if you are covered and – if you are – for some general guidance on your compliance obligations.
  • Understanding the Kimberley Process and system of warranties, designed to combat the scourge of conflict diamonds.

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