What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process (KP) is an international initiative launched in 2003, after several years of discussions on ways to stop the trade in conflict diamonds. “Conflict diamonds” are defined by the KP as “diamonds used to finance violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.” Under the KP, governments, the international diamond industry, and civil society organizations created the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). The KPCS sets requirements for controlling rough diamond production and exports from participating countries. Participating countries agree to trade rough diamonds only with other countries in the organization and must ship all rough diamonds in tamper-proof containers with government-validated KP certificates. For information on participating, visit kimberleyprocess.com/en/about.

Download JVC’s free industry resource, The Essential Guide to Implementing the Kimberley Process, here for a more detailed explanation of the Kimberley Process and how to implement KP compliance in your businesses today.

Is the United States a member of the Kimberley Process?

Yes. The U.S. committed to the KP under the Clean Diamond Trade Act of 2003 and Executive Order 13312 and continues to implement the process through the United States Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA). The USKPA is a not-for-profit trade association that administers and controls the usage of U.S. KP certificates for the export of rough diamonds from the United States.

Under federal regulations, rough diamonds may only be exported from the U.S. by a licensed USKPA company. Similarly, rough diamond imports in the U.S. must be accompanied by KP certificates from the exporting country, which must be a participant in the KP. Importers of rough diamonds must also comply with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) requirements and procedures. For more information on CBP procedures and requirements, please visit the agency’s website here.

How do I obtain a KP Certificate?

KP certificates are only available to entities licensed by the relevant country’s Kimberley Process Authority.

For USKPA certificates, entities must apply for a USKPA license, supply a reference, and demonstrate that they are a bonafide member of the diamond industry.

For more information on the USKPA, including becoming a licensee, please visit uskpa.org/how-to-export/.

Does the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme apply to polished diamonds?

No. The Kimberley Process only applies to the production and export of rough diamonds in participating countries.

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