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What is the goal of the FTC Jewelry Guides?

The primary goal of the Federal Trade Commission Jewelry Guides (“Jewelry Guides” or “Guides”) is to ensure jewelry manufacturers and sellers do not deceive or confuse the buyers of their goods. But what exactly is deceptive or confusing? Different people might have differing interpretations. Download above to learn more.

What do the FTC Guides cover?


FTC Guides cover everyone who works in the jewelry industry — including people who operate as partnerships or corporations — at every level of trade, such as manufacturers, suppliers, grading laboratories, and retailers


The Guides apply to pearls, natural, laboratory-created and simulated gemstones and other jewelry products. The Guides also cover pens and pencils, flatware and hollowware, and other products made from precious metals, alloys and imitations, as well as articles made of pewter.


The Guides govern sales, manufacturing and marketing, which includes advertising at all levels of the trade. The Guides cover deceptive marketing and misrepresentations of product quality.

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