JVC is delighted to announce that at the 2017 Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence ceremony in New York, two JVC stars were recognized!

Cecilia Gardner

JVC’s former President, CEO & General Counsel, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Cecilia served the JVC for nearly two decades, and her leadership helped put JVC at the forefront of some of the most complex issues related to compliance and ethics in the jewelry industry.  She served as general counsel to the World Diamond Council from 2000-2015, an industry group that worked with governments and non-governmental organizations to craft the Kimberley Process and System of Warranties.  She also became general counsel for the United States Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA), to implement the provisions of the Kimberley Process.  During her tenure, Cecilia led the JVC in efforts concerning the underkarating of precious metals, the disclosure of diamond and gemstone treatments, the standards used by appraisers, the enactment of anti-money laundering programs, and a comprehensive review of the FTC Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries.  She also served on many industry boards.  We are so proud of the dedication Cecilia had to the JVC and thank her for her service.

Jo-Ann Sperano

Additionally, Jo-Ann Sperano, Mediation Specialist, was nominated for an Award for Excellence in the Business Services category.  Jo-Ann has served as the paralegal and mediation specialist for the Jewelers Vigilance Committee since 1997.  In that time, Jo-Ann has earned a reputation as the jewelry industry’s secret weapon; Jo-Ann routinely solves disputes between members of the trade, or between retail jewelers and their customers.  When a case comes to JVC, Jo-Ann thoroughly evaluates both sides of a claim and patiently unwinds the dispute in order to come to an amicable settlement between the parties.  This keeps costs down by avoiding lawyers, and helps maintain the high reputation of the jewelry industry by keeping these cases out of court.  Jo-Ann’s mediation skills, encyclopedic knowledge of the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, and passionate advocacy make her an invaluable asset to JVC.  She handles approximately 400 cases per year.

JVC is incredibly proud that WJA recognized our staff, and thanks both Cecilia and Jo-Ann for their many years of dedicated service to the industry.