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The Essential Guide to The U.S. Trade in Platinum Jewelry

Underwritten by a Grant from Platinum Guild International USA

JVC developed the Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Platinum Jewelry to explain the Federal Trade Commission’s 2010 amendments to the platinum section of the Guidelines for the Jewelry, Precious Metal and Pewter Industries.

This guide provides readers with a practical explanation of the revised FTC Jewelry Guides for those who manufacture, promote and sell platinum jewelry. This guide covers legal standards for platinum, answers to frequently asked questions and two platinum tolerance charts. The guide also explains how to stamp and describe both traditional platinum products and products containing a minimum 500 ppt platinum alloyed with base metal.

The Essential Guide to Memo Transactions

The guide was developed to provide the trade with a clear explanation of the risks associated with memo transactions. The guide includes the relevant law and basic information on creating and filing the necessary documentation to help to protect your goods traded on memo.

Contents included in guide

  • Conducting business on memo: risks and precautions
  • Consignment and secured transactions
  • Creating the consignment and perfecting the security interest
  • Sample ucc-1 form
  • Staying protected: required follow-up
  • Note about bankruptcy proceedings – preferential transfers
  • Additional safeguards
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary

The Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Irradiated Gemstones

Co-authored by Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) and American Gem Trade Association (​AGTA​)

This essential guide explains all NRC rules and the industry’s compliance obligations, and will guide retailers to develop their own policies regarding trade in these gemstones.

Contents included in guide

  • NRC regulations and licensing
  • Initial possession of irradiated gemstones
  • Distributing irradiated gemstones or jewelry containing irradiated gemstones
  • Retail sales in the U.S. Of irradiated gemstones or jewelry containing irradiated
  • Gemstones
  • Manufacturing jewelry in the U.S. With irradiated gemstones
  • Manufacturing jewelry with irradiated gemstones outside the U.S.
  • Must licensed importers, possessors and distributors owe the goods that they
  • Import, possess or distribute?
  • Can the license holder be located outside the U.S.?
  • Do the nrc regulations apply to finished product containing irradiated gemstones?
  • Frequently asked questions.

The Essential Guide To Conflict Minerals and The Dodd Frank Act

The Guide was developed to provide the trade with a clear explanation of the risks associated with memo transactions. The Guide includes the relevant law and basic information on creating and filing the necessary documentation to help to protect your goods traded on memo.

The Dodd Frank Act is a significant law sure to have a wide ranging impact on the jewelryindustry. the legislation, passed in 2010, addresses “conflict minerals” identified as tin,tantalum, tungsten and gold. pursuant to dodd frank, companies that are listed with thesecurities and exchange commission (sec), and that use these minerals will have to providespecific information to the public concerning the minerals. companies that supply sec listedcompanies (either directly or indirectly) will be impacted and may have to institute newmeasures governing their supply chain.

Contents included in guide

  • A summary of Dodd Frank and how it impacts companies dealing in these minerals (tintantalum tungsten and gold)
  • The impact of Dodd Frank on non-sec listed businesses
  • Suggestions on practical steps supplies can take to meet the needs of their customersthat must file reports with the sec (or their customers that in turn supply sec reportingcompanies) and examples to illustrate these steps
  • FAQ’s that might be helpful to your understanding of the impact of dodd frank on yourcompany and definitions of important terms, with explanations.

The Essential Guide to Implementing the Kimberley Process

JVC is dedicated to keeping its members and the industry informed about the Kimberley Process.

List of Kimberley Process participating countries


Please refer to this web site for updates and commentary concerning further information on the Kimberley Process. Contact Cecilia Gardner at 212-997-2002 or contact JVC with questions. This guide is intended for anyone who trades in rough or polished diamonds only.

Kimberley Process State Dept. brochure and training presentations online

VC offered “training for rough diamond traders: U.S. statutory requirements” at the JA/NY show on 7/28/08.

Download US Census Bureau Presentation

Download Dept Of Homeland Security Presentation

Download State Department Brochure

Wholesale Advertising Brochure

This easy-to-understand brochure has been designed to educate you, the retailer, and your customers on the legal implications of advertising “wholesale” prices. JVC clearly defines the necessary legal requirements to be considered a true wholesaler. Proudly display JVC’s new “wholesale” advertising brochure on your store counter – place your order below!

In order to qualify, a wholesaler must sell for the purposes of resale only. This excludesadvertising wholesale prices directly to the consumer, the end-user. Several states now enforcestrict laws against false and misleading advertising, including selling products at allegedly “wholesale” prices to consumers.

Please contact Jo-Ann Sperano, JVC’s Paralegal/Mediator with questions about wholesaleadvertising laws in your state.

Your legal compliance can increase consumer confidence and help boost sales!

The Essential Guide to the US Trade in Materials From Plant & Wildlife Products

Guide Co-Published with the American Gem Trade Association (​AGTA​)

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has released a new publication, “the essential guideto the U.S trade in materials from plant and wildlife products. This guide concentrates on gemmaterials that have been classified by international, federal, and/or state laws as protected.Readers will learn what is required to import and export these goods.Compliance with these legal standards will protect vulnerable species and help you to avoidenforcement actions. Violations of these laws can result in seizures or significant penalties,including costly fines and possible jail time.

Contents included in guide:

  • Important laws governing the trade in protected species
  • USFWS import/export license and filing declarations
  • Exemptions for jewelry retailers and collectors
  • Obtaining permits and filing declarations
  • Penalties and fines
  • State laws regarding endangered species


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