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Understanding the FTC Guidelines

Ask yourself: am I fairly representing my product in the marketplace?

Download our latest JVC book on Understanding the FTC Jewelry Guidelines to find out. This crucial tool explains:

  • The July 2018 revision of the FTC Jewelry Guides
  • Other important laws and regulations in plain language
  • How to develop your manufacturing and marketing practice
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Selling and Advertising Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Laboratory-grown diamonds, also known as “laboratory-created diamonds,” “[manufacturer name-created] diamonds” and other like phrases are one of the hottest jewelry topics of the past year. Thus, the JVC is excited to answer some of your frequently asked questions and provide educational resources for help on understanding the regulations related to advertising laboratory-grown diamonds.


The Federal Trade Commission, in its Guidelines for the Jewelry Industry state that a laboratory-grown diamond is “a product with essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as a mined diamond.” And, like its name implies, these products are grown by man in a laboratory, in contrast to their natural counterparts that have been grown beneath the earth’s surface.

If you’re selling laboratory-grown diamonds and related products, you need to know how to compliantly describe these products. The Federal Trade Commission’s Jewelry Guides explain to marketers how to avoid making deceptive or unfair claims for jewelry and provide the jewelry industry with language that can be used to describe products.

Download our Diamond Supply Chain Protection Kit above for more information on selling and advertising laboratory-grown diamonds.

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Supply Chain Assurance for Gold and Tungsten

Along with information regarding mineral source, is now often required by customers of gold and tungsten products. This is a result of section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank wall street reform and consumer protection act, passed in 2010.

Dodd-Frank requires that sec-listed companies publicly disclose if any of the gold or tungsten products they sell are not “conflict free.” Therefore, every business in the direct or indirect supply chain of sec-listed companies will need an assurance system to make this determination. They will also need to communicate their commitment to a responsible supply chain and details about their assurance system, to their customers.

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