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INSTORE - AGTA Committee to Standardize Industry Terms Surrounding Sustainability & Ethics

January 18, 2023


JVC Online - Noncompete Clauses Would Be Banned Under FTC Rule

January 18, 2023

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

Living Room Session: Understanding Legal Requirements for Jewelers with JVC

December 6, 2022

by Christina T Miller, Living Room Sessions

INSTORE Magazine: How To Engage Today’s Customer and Add Business Value

October 11, 2022

by INSTORE Magazine

JCK: Kay Says Lab-Created Earrings "May Include Natural Diamonds"

October 3, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

Professional Jeweller: SPONSORED: Over 1,000 brands to exhibit at Vicenzaoro 2022

September 7, 2022

by Sam Lewis of Professional Jeweller

Ban on Imports of Russian Gold [What Jewelers Need to Know] from Jewelers Mutual

August 10, 2022

by Jessica VandenHouten, Jewelers Mutual

National Jeweler - U.S. Expands Sanctions to Russian Gold

July 1, 2022

by Lenore Fedow, National Jeweler

JCK Online - US G7 Ban Russian Gold

June 29, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

JCK Online - What’s Behind LVMH’s Investment in a Lab-Grown Company?

June 22, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

JCK Online - Q&A with JVC's Sara Yood, Esq.

June 15, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

Russian sanctions open door for Canadian diamonds

May 26, 2022

by Emily Blake, Cabin Radio

JCK Online - Current Russian Diamond Sanction Rules “Murky,” JVC Says

April 29, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

Rapnet - The Retailer’s Guide to Dealing with Russian Diamonds

April 27, 2022

by Jennifer Heebner, Rapnet

JCK Online - The United States Puts the Ultimate Sanction on Alrosa

April 8, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

Rapaport - Russian Goods Cut Elsewhere Are Legal: JVC

March 15, 2022

by Joshua Freedman, Rapaport

JCK Online - U.S. Ban On Russian Diamond Imports May Have Major Loophole

March 14, 2022

by Rob Bates, JCK Online

National Jeweler Webinar Recording: The Office Called, It Wants You Back

May 5, 2021

by National Jeweler

Paul Zimnisky: Diamond Analytics with Tiffany Stevens

April 11, 2021

by Paul Zimnisky

Tiffany Stevens: JVC has industry’s back

April 1, 2021

by Deborah Yonick

The Jewelry District, Episode 5: Guest Tiffany Stevens

September 19, 2019

by JCK

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