AML Training

All businesses subject to AML regulations are required to train their employees to ensure that their business is not unwittingly used for money laundering or terrorist financing. JVC will conduct a training session for your employees and provide information and guidance regarding all aspects of your company’s AML program. JVC will provide records of this training. This service takes approximately one hour.

AML Testing

AML regulations specify that each company’s AML program must be tested periodically to ensure that the program is working as designed. This testing must be conducted by an independent entity with familiarity regarding the AML rules; specifically, it may not be conducted by your company’s Compliance Officer. JVC can provide independent testing services to review and test every element of your AML program. JVC’s independent testing services are far less costly than outside counsel or an accounting firm. JVC will issue a results letter which can be used to demonstrate your compliance to your bank or to the IRS.

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